French & Shabby Chic Clocks

At Peak Art you will only find the most unique and charismatic handmade Extra Large Wall Clocks that will make any environment look very special. We are Global Small Family Business that is leading this niche market. If you are looking for a fabulous Statement Piece of Wall Art look no further because none of those amazing clocks are available anywhere else. Shabby Chic Clock Face have been one of the first available in our online store and remains popular choice.

Skeleton Roman Numeral Clocks

Are you trying to fill that big empty space on your wall with something truly unique? Just check our shop and see large selection of Wooden Handmade Skeleton Clocks that would be a great topic for so many conversations around the dinner table. When the market is flooded with cheap imports from China we are taking pride in hand crafting each of those amazing timepieces. Each of them displays Large Roman Numerals with transparent background making it suitable for various interiors regardless of the wall colour.

Giant Artistic Wooden Clocks

If you are looking for something different than traditional Roman Numerals there are many other Artistic Timepieces available. All of them are very unique and they range from 30″ to as large as 48″ in size. If you can’t find the design that suits your interiors you can give us a call and we can work together to make something suitable for your house. Most of the inspiration come from our customers and different requirements that they may have so don’t hesitate and call us today.

Very Large Industrial Timepieces

One of the most Sophisticated Wall Clocks available in our shop are in Industrial style. This trend in Interior Design is all about exposing all that is raw to achieve edgy style. The look of those Timepieces seems unfinished but is cohesive and fashionable. It offers you a great opportunity to mix sleek and modern art with vintage and classic. Some of those stunning clocks may include metal elements that blend into overall design.

Very Large Indutrial Wall Clock