Large wooden wall clocks that don’t just tell the time

We hope to convince you that our unique wooden wall clocks aren’t just time telling devices. They can be the focal point of your home, restaurant, office or penthouse apartament. While all other companies simply manufacture large clocks and concentrate on reducing the cost, we want to provide uniqueness and quality. Each of those stunning timepieces is made to order and we can customize them for you. Please have a look on this short video below and let us know what you think.

Our beautiful wall clocks in various arrangements

Our collection of Beautiful Wall Clocks is growing every month and includes Shabby Chic, Rustic, Industrial, Contemporary and other designs. If you look at this gallery you will see them displayed in various different interiors.  The Peak Art’s Wall Clocks are Globally unique and each clock is carefully designed to be a centrepiece in your house, hotel, restaurant or a place of work. All of those Stunning Timepieces are incredibly impressive with 75-120 cm diameter and 8-18 kg weight. All of them have distinct, hand painted finish and unique character.

Are you looking for wall clocks to decorate your space?

We have large selection of handmade wall clocks to  choose from. Please see the list below that shows many of them:

All of our beautiful timepieces will provide desired “wow” factor so regardless of your choice you won’t be disappointed. We are offering three different sizes to choose from and over 50 unique designs. If you can’t see the design or colour scheme that fits your needs please get in touch. We have designed many of those attractive pieces based on inspiration from customers around the World. We need your input to get more ideas for beautiful wall clocks. Please don’t hesitate and let us know what you need.