This is a short history of Peak Art – Charismatic Statement Clocks. We are Global Small Family Business that introduced Extra Large Handmade Wooden Wall Clocks to the market. All of the clocks are Globally Unique and you can’t get them in any shop.


I am a girl from Poland that came to United Kingdom in 2003 together with my just married husband Wojtek. I was always told I had to follow certain path in life to succeed in it which was one of the reasons both my husband and I decided to move to UK and prove we can do something different.

Both of us had graduated with Masters Degree in Engineering but there was no chance to get a proper Engineering role before our £700 cash ran out. If you don’t have a family in the foreign country you just have to get a grip and do whatever required to pay the rent and buy some food. My first job was part time cleaner part time waitress. Wojtek on the other hand got hired delivering sandwiches on the bike in the morning and was a part time bartender in the evenings.

In the meantime we were both desperately looking to do something that requires “a bit” more brain power and pays a bit more than the minimum wage. It took us 2 Years to finally get through into the system and start what you call a proper career.

I never had any formal education or Art training but always felt I had some skills and creative imagination. Being an Artist wasn’t considered a “proper job” in my family so I ended up getting a degree in Civil Engineering (which was my parent’s choice). There I was, finally offered a position with the company called Mott McDonald. It was summer 2005 and I began my way up the corporate ladder. I was getting paid at least twice as much as bar staff or waitress but was I happy and fulfilled?

Going to the office day in day out and doing repetitive tasks did not inspire me but it wasn’t until 2013 when I was forced to take a break from work to look after our two children. Instead of taking some unpaid leave I simply resigned secretly planning to become an Artist while Wojtek’s income was paying the bills.

Finally I got an excuse to stop doing something I never enjoyed. My parents thought I was mad to give up a career instead of suspending it. For me the definition of madness is following known boring path and expecting to be happy and fulfilled. That is how Peak Art was born.

I could now create things that lived in my head for years like Giant Oversized Wall Clocks that are handmade and hand painted unlike some flimsy factory made items overflowing the market. Being an Artist is so much more fulfilling that it is hard to describe it. I take great pride and joy whenever we get fantastic feedback from our customers, it makes me feel alive and gives me a purpose to create more.

My mission is to influence interior design across the World with high quality 3D functional Art.


I can assure everyone that my story is equally interesting but as a backstage artist I don’t need to share it. My mission is also ambitious though. I am trying to make Anna the most recognised Hi-Tech Artist on the Planet, using cutting edge technology and tools to promote and sell her Art Globally. Any new gadgets & improvements on the Website – that is me.


Intellectual Property

Peak Art is a registered trademark with Intellectual Property Office UK00003102850
The oversize clock design has been registered and certified by European Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market to prevent any copyright infringement. The registered design number is 002660407-0001 in design section.



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