Shabby Chic Clocks

Large shabby chic clocks for wall decor

Please have a look on this short video below that demonstrates one of our beautiful shabby chic clocks. Let us know what you think about them and how we can improve our work to make them more suitable for your needs? We have many more designs available with three different sizes. The one you can see below is 40″ and it doesn’t really overwhelm the room at all. Lower down in this short blog section we have included some more information about our shabby chic timepieces and hope you will enjoy the read!

The birth of Peak Art’s shabby chic clocks

We didn’t really know much about the shabby chic clocks or the design trend itself before we started Peak Art. It was in early 2014 when we came up with the idea of handmade clock where the face is cut out of single piece of wood. Of course we don’t just mean a large wooden circle but something with a true “wow” effect. Something that resembles a sculpture rather than a wall clock.

The french timepiece you can see below is one of the first Peak Art’s clocks. Believe it or not, it was initially rusty clock face and a gold background. In the end we completely changed the face colour to chateau grey, while letting some of the previous rustiness be visible! We then had to work on the background colour to make it look old and have more character. Finally we found the courage to put it on the website and that is how the new product family of shabby chic wall clocks was born.

Large Shabby Chic French Wall Clocks

White shabby chic clocks

We were surprised to realize how popular shabby chic or rustic design was. People were looking for various shapes and sizes. Many of them were asking about the white wall clocks with the traditional Roman Numerals and skeleton design. The next picture shows one of them with 100 cm diameter but we can now also make it as 75 cm or 120 cm. The most beautiful large roman numerals contrast really well with grey wall colors. Customers searching for rustic wall clocks are often asking about this white timepiece.

White Shabby Chic Timepiece

For interiors that need more intensity we have also designed a white clock with full back plate attached. This new design is a lot more sophisticated and has a touch of fairy tale when you look at it. What inspired us to make it was a snow blizzard and this is how we called this wonderful centerpiece. Every time we look at it we think it would blend well in surroundings similar to those you can see in “Frozen” Disney movie. The uniqueness of this stunning shabby chic timepiece is unquestionable and we wouldn’t be able to repeat it exactly the same way.

Giant clocks with rustic look & unusual shape

At Peak Art we have so many more ideas for new clocks in shabby chic style that it would be impossible to make them all. There are virtually limitless possibilities and the blend of colors may depend on your specific requirements. Many of those timepieces look really good with shades of browns and grey. Interesting example of this mix of colors is the next giant clock below. It has a lightweight, skeleton design with remarkable distressed face. It doesn’t display the traditional numerals but its uniqueness and attractive look adds so much character to the room.

Giant Clock For Wall Made Of Wood

It also looks different at different times of the day depending on the direction and intensity of the light. This original design measures 120 cm in diameter but smaller sizes are also available.

Customized large wall clocks to suit your needs

Although we have many remarkable timepieces available in our online store, we always encourage our customers to get in touch. When it comes to the new projects for shabby chic clocks our options are pretty much endless. We all know that the beauty of this interior design style is showing wear and tear or signs of age. This is what makes all of our handmade clocks with shabby chic features so extraordinary. Would you like to have a custom clock from Peak Art in your lounge? The next photograph shows one of those bespoke orders.

shabby chic wall clock with roman numerals

Our client was looking for something unique to decorate the wall in his large apartment. The high level requirement was to make a 100 cm skeleton clock with Roman Numerals. It also had to look distressed and weathered with shades of gold and grey. After multiple tweaks and changes we have finally reached the stage on the picture above and this grey shabby clock is now a focal point in our client’s apartament.   Let us know what you think by contacting us directly or share your opinion on our Facebook page.