Large Grey Clock For Wall


Let us introduce the most recent large grey wall clock in our collection. It is the next version of extra large clock that we have discontinued in the end of 2018. “Dark Horse II” has more orange tones and golden hands which makes it easier to read the time. If you are looking for large timepiece without traditional Roman Numerals it can be a perfect choice.

Designed & Handmade – Anna Siodelska, United Kingdom

Face Colour – Dark grey with orange tones

Background Colour – Transparent / Wall



An oversized grey clock as a wall decoration element is an exceptional choice that can transform any room into a stylish and sophisticated space. Here’s why an oversized grey clock makes for an impressive wall decor:

  1. Bold Statement Piece: The sheer size of an oversized clock commands attention and creates a bold statement on your wall. Its prominent presence instantly draws the eye and becomes a captivating focal point in the room, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who enters.
  2. Contemporary Elegance: The color grey exudes a sense of modern elegance and versatility. Its neutral tone complements various interior styles, from industrial and minimalist to classic and contemporary, making the oversized grey clock a perfect fit for any aesthetic.
  3. Enhanced Visual Impact: The large size of the clock amplifies its visual impact, adding depth and dimension to the wall. This grand scale contributes to a feeling of spaciousness, making the room appear larger and more open.
  4. Contrast and Balance: An oversized grey clock can create a stunning contrast against a light-colored or brightly painted wall. The juxtaposition of the clock’s grey hue against a contrasting background adds visual interest and brings a sense of balance to the room’s decor.
  5. Sophisticated Timekeeping: Apart from its decorative function, an oversized clock serves as a practical timekeeping tool. Its large, easy-to-read numbers and hands ensure that you can quickly glance at the time without straining your eyes.
  6. Versatile Placement: Whether in the living room, dining area, bedroom, or even a spacious hallway, an oversized grey clock can be placed anywhere with ease. Its adaptability makes it a versatile decor element that effortlessly enhances any chosen space.
  7. Modern and Minimalist Appeal: Grey is a color often associated with modern and minimalist design. An oversized grey clock, with its clean lines and sleek finish, aligns perfectly with the aesthetics of contemporary interior decor.
  8. Texture and Detailing: Some oversized grey clocks feature intricate detailing or texture on their surface. This adds depth to the clock’s appearance and elevates its overall design, making it not only functional but also a visually engaging work of art.
  9. Harmonious with Other Decor: Grey is a color that complements a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures. This makes the oversized grey clock an ideal addition to your existing decor, as it effortlessly blends with various elements in the room.

In conclusion, an oversized grey clock as a wall decoration element is a powerful and sophisticated choice. Its bold presence, contemporary elegance, and practical functionality make it a captivating and impressive addition to any interior decor. Whether you aim to create a modern, minimalist space or add a focal point to a more classic setting, the oversized grey clock will undoubtedly leave a remarkable impact on your room’s ambiance.

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Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 4 cm

30" (75cm), 40" (100cm), 48" (120cm)


roman, skeleton