Wooden Wall Clocks

What most customers expect when they search for wooden wall clocks?

People looking for wooden wall clocks are typically interested in small timepieces with distinctive wooden frame. Those basic clocks are often very plain but still provide a lot more character than the clocks made out of plastic. Wooden items have a wonderful natural look and can stand out in your kitchen or living room. There are thousands of good looking inexpensive timepieces that you can find on the on websites like etsy or ebay. Various artists are coming up with unusual shapes to stand out from the crowd.

Artistic wall clocks can be made from various types of wood including pine, birch, oak and others. The concept of re-claimed wood or using wood pallete as a material for a wall clock is also prevalent these days. It is worth noting here that some countries have a very strict import policies on wooden items including the clocks. This often restricts where you can buy such an item from. At Peak Art we are using kiln dry pine panels to ensure that our products are in most cases exempt from any additional certificate requirements by the customs.

Painting wooden clocks doesn’t take away their natural beauty

As we explained in the previous paragraph the most common wooden timepiece is relatively plain. It shows natural color and you can immediately tell what it is made of. Our customers are often very surprised to find out that all our clocks are made of wood as the main material. This selection of skeleton wall clocks for instance, consists of tens of different designs and we make all of them from pine! This way we can achieve both uniqueness and natural character at the same time. Our growing group of industrial wall clocks also include wooden frame in addition to metal or electronic elements.

Wall Clock from Wood

One of high-end examples of our work is this beautiful wooden clock that we painted to match a specific client’s furniture colors. It clearly hasn’t lost any of its natural beauty. On the contrary it looks a lot better than plain and fits perfectly in our customer’s kitchen. Another completely different design is decorative wall clock that we featured on TV. It displays dark Roman Numerals on a very posh looking golden background.  Clearly, painting a wooden clock face provides limitless opportunities, doesn’t it?