Kitchen Wall Clocks

Why are many people considering large wall clocks to decorate their kitchen?

The idea to include focal points in your kitchen isn’t new. In fact, it is one of the three design principles according to Cliq Studios. Can oversized kitchen wall clocks attract attention and become a topic of conversation around the dinner table? This is one of the reasons why Peak Art Clocks was born. We wanted to fill this empty space and niche in the market with something truly extraordinary.

We believe that large kitchen clocks can tell you the time but can also provide so much more. They can be the statement pieces of art in your kitchen or living room. People that are looking for uniqueness and a true centrepiece won’t be satisfied with the mass production. They frequently spend weeks or months trying to find a unique kitchen wall clock that would suit their needs. It is often impossible to find a perfect match because most available clock designs are templates produced on a large scale. Isn’t it time to focus on uniqueness? In the era of plastic and metal products perhaps more natural wooden wall clocks can provide the desired “wow” factor?

Make your kitchen stand out with one of our unusual timepieces

Peak Art’s online shop includes loads of examples demonstrating our work and the customers can choose one of those designs. However, instead of simply offering off the shelve products we decided on a different approach. We complement this traditional proposal by giving our customers the ability to customise or completely change each design. For instance, if someone really likes shabby chic wall clocks but isn’t sure which design would fit best we ask them to send some photographs of their kitchen. This approach allows us to discuss various aspects of the clock with the customer and make sure that we meet the requirements. Sometimes we only change the colors of clock hands but more often the entire clock face becomes completely different compared to the original.

shabby chic wall clocks

This shabby chic wall clock is a classic example of our design approach. It has a lovely three dimensional appearance and the unique looking face with shades of white and grey. It is also providing an interesting alternative to its shabby chic predecessor. The new clock hands have a touch of gold to match some of the furniture while the face is covered with more white paint.

Big kitchen wall clocks for modern dining areas

Another kitchen wall clock has a lot more modern look with yellowish front and copper background. It is available in one of the three different sizes ranging from 30″ to 48″ which fits most of the requirements for a statement piece. Alternatively, a customer with more sophisticated taste may choose decorative wall clock also displaying large roman numerals but this time with dark face and rich golden background.

Although most people choose those more traditional shapes we appreciate that not everyone is looking for a round clock with roman numerals. In the end of the day it is all down to the personal preference. That is why we think that totally different looking wooden clock can be more appealing in some cases?

Wooden Wall Clocks

With its stunning and very natural look it will definitely attract many comments and hopefully start some interesting conversations about using large clocks for decor. There are countless possibilities of kitchen designs therefore delivering custom kitchen wall clocks is our mission statement and a trademark. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.