Extra Large Decorative Bedroom Wall Clock


The “Twilight Shadows”  wall clock would be a perfect choice for your bedroom. If you have ever wanted to stand out from the crowd and think outside the box when it comes to you interior design then look no further. The clock face with its distinct charismatic charm will bring mysterious and refreshing feel to your place. With a total diameter of up to 48″ it is going to impress anyone coming across it.

Designed & Handmade – Anna Siodelska, United Kingdom

Face Colour – French Linen

Background Colour – Colourful

Twilight ShadowsCompare


Oversized bedroom wall clock handmade and beautifully painted

The “Twilight Shadows” is another stunning handmade design in our growing clock collection. Just look at the beautiful wall clocks gallery if you want to see more photographs. Our lovely bedroom wall clock will bring a vibrant and refreshing feel to your home. The custom face design doesn’t display traditional Roman Numerals but instead it gives the most unique and unusual appearance. It will certainly be a great topic for many conversations around the table.

We have made this piece from two massive panels of pine wood which provides natural beauty and sophisticated character. The colourful and fairy-tale-like clock face means it is often selected as a lovely addition to your child’s bedroom. The silent clock mechanism is the most powerful battery operated Quartz sweep movement. It requires a single C-Cell battery that should last 9 month. Once you receive the clock please watch this Youtube video where I demonstrate attaching the clock hands as well as setting the time.

If you need a bedroom wall clock that isn’t only the time telling device come to us

Peak Art Clocks is now well known luxury brand followed by thousands of people on Facebook. If you search for Massive Handmade Statement Clocks on Google you will see that Peak Art is owning this niche. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a bedroom wall clock or a timepiece for your living room, kitchen or lounge. With Peak Art you can be sure that we are not just going to sell you a time telling device. We are proving that or outstanding handmade products can also be extravagant wall decoration elements.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 4 cm

30" (75cm), 40" (100cm), 48" (120cm)