Industrial Clocks

Who is looking for industrial clocks?

Peak Art was founded in 2014 based on a single artistic idea in my mind. We wanted to make a 100 cm wall clock that displays large wooden roman numerals cut out of a single panel of wood. It took many months until we realised that something like large industrial clocks even existed. What is industrial trend in interior design anyway? We found that people looking for industrial wall clocks have very specific requirements. The design should include various different elements like aluminium, copper, steel, wood sometimes even pipes or electronic equipment. Once we have done some initial research we got the point really quickly and started our first project which you can see below.

The first member of the new family of industrial wall clocks was 100 cm in diameter. The overall clock shape was round with wooden front and dark background. We have included multiple aluminium parts to meet the basic requirements of this fashion.

industrial clock

Can you make industrial wall clocks from wood?

In the next project we wanted to make something completely different. We wanted the new design to have a look that resembles industrial clocks but is made entirely from wood. Although this plan doesn’t fit the concept of mixing various metal elements into the overall design we gave it a go. We thought it was possible to give it rustic, unfinished look that characterizes industrial design. Let us know what you think this industrial timepiece that is only made of wood?

Massive Contemporary Industrial Wooden Wall Clock - Rusty Industrial- Panoramic

Using mixed media is essential for industrial decoration

Even though the previous rustic looking project had very positive feedback from many of you we decided to come back to basics. What helped us in this decision is the old satellite dish that we were planning to scrap. That large piece of metal, together with multiple steel brackets and wooden rim was the foundation of this new design. If you are looking for oversized industrial clocks we are sure you appreciate those rough edges, metal surface and raw look. It combines many different aspects of true urban trend, doesn’t it? While this most remarkable industrial wall clock below is a beautiful example what we can achieve, it is just the beginning.

Industrial Clocks from Metal