The Skeleton Roman Numeral Large Wall Clock from Peak Art is uniquely designed to be a centrepiece in your living room. It displays carefully hand carved Roman Numerals and you can see the wall between the numbers. You are most probably looking for the Iron Skeleton Clocks and stumbled upon our website by accident. We are the small family business that introduced Oversized Handmade Wall Clocks to the World in 2015. If you want a statement piece that will differentiate your place from the rest of the world look no further because none of those clocks are available elsewhere on the market. The Skeleton Roman Numeral Handmade Clock from Peak Art will provide the perfect and lasting impression on everyone coming across it.

All fabulous Large Roman Numeral Skeleton Wall Clocks are handmade from a single large panel of pine wood that gives it its unique beauty and light feel. The clocks you can see below are 100 cm in diameter and weigh approximately 8 kg. Please visit our blog section for more details.

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