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I had a New Year resolution to start the blog on the website as we are really very interested in what people have to say. The clocks I am designing and making and the customer feedback I get give me fresh Interior Design Ideas every day. Some of you send me the pictures of your living room and I love the challenge every single time.

Are you looking for something to fill that empty space on your wall? Many people are tired with what we consider the norm – large painting, mirrors or flimsy iron wall clocks. I am confident that there is so many of you out there thinking about changing the fashion or maybe you don’t care about the Interior Design trends anyway?

It was in early 2014 when I came up with the idea of Handmade Oversized Wooden Clock where the clock face is cut out of single piece of wood. Of course I don’t just mean a large wooden circle but something with a true “wow” effect that resembles sculpture rather than a wall clock.

The one you can see here is one of the first clocks I ever made and trust me it took weeks to reach the state when I was happy with it. Believe it or not, it was initially rusty clock face and a gold background which I then tried to change numerous times to my husband’s frustration. In the end I completely changed the face colour to Chateau Grey while letting some of the previous rustiness be visible here and there and that was it! I then had to work on the background colour to make it look old and have more character. Finally I was no longer embarrassed by the product and could put it on the website.


Shabby Chic Wall Clock

Peak Art – Shabby Chic

Now, Shabby Chic French Style Wall Clock is my flagship product and a lot of people are asking for it. Every single one is unique due to handmade nature but I do try to make it look as close to the original as possible.

Let me know what you think and please continue to be engaged, email me and I will help you fill that big empty space with a beautiful decorative clock.

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