Stunning White Rustic Skeleton Wall Clock

White Rustic

The White Rustic Skeleton Wall Clock is handmade and beautifully hand painted. Ideal as a centrepiece to your lounge or kitchen. You can select one of three different sizes from the drop down list.

Designed & Handmade – Anna Siodelska, United Kingdom

Face Colour – White Rustic

Background Colour – Transparent / Wall

Note – 30″ (75cm) Clock has slightly different shape of the Numerals to make sure they aren’t too thin. Example picture with different design is Here



White Skeleton Wall Clock with Roman Numerals

This most impressive white skeleton wall clock has so much character that it would attract attention of absolutely everyone around it. It is one of the most charismatic timepieces in our shop and it will suit people with sophisticated yet expensive taste. We hand crafted and hand painted this piece showing beautiful large roman numerals. Thanks to its hollow design you can mount it in many different interiors regardless of the wall colour.

Most people searching for Skeleton Wall Clock online don’t expect to see the work of art. What they normally have in mind are cheap metal clocks coming from the factories. We are changing the way people are looking at this niche market. The clocks from Peak Art aren’t just to show the time. They are remarkable decoration elements that bring character and wonderful spirit to your house. You won’t find any other skeleton wall clock made of wood that would look so amazing. In fact you probably won’t find any wooden clock of this size displaying hand carved roman numerals. We are the first in the World that came up with the idea of massive wooden timepiece where the front is cut out of single panel of wood.

Skeleton Wall Clock from Peak Art means quality

As all other Peak Art Clocks, the “White Rustic” needs a single C-Cell battery to power the mechanism. This battery should work for 9-12 months so you don’t need to worry about changing it very often. We deliver the clock with both hands detached to avoid any damage in transport. We also provide full instructions how you should attach the hands and set the time. If you want to find out more about our wooden skeleton designs please visit our blog and see how this idea was born. Join thousands of people in our Facebook Community and share your thoughts and comments.


Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 4 cm

30" (75cm), 40" (100cm), 48" (120cm)


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