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Old Clipper

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The Old Clipper unique designer clock is handmade from two large panels of pine wood. The clock face with its distinct character and custom features looks amazing on a hand painted and carved background. With a total diameter of 100 cm the Old Clipper will be the centrepiece of attention in your stylish environment.

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Designed & Handmade – Anna Siodelska, United Kingdom

Face Colour – Jacobian Oak

Background Colour – Oak

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Unique Designer Clock – Handmade | Artistic | Wood

The “Old Clipper” is the most Eccentric Designer Clock that is made by hand by a passionate Artist. This one of its kind beautiful timepiece is cut out of two large panels of pine wood that gives natural beauty and adds character. The clock doesn’t have traditional Roman Numerals but instead you can admire its carved features and custom face.

Are you looking for something different than just ordinary pictures on the wall? Something that is incredibly impressive, three dimensional and one of its kind? Have you considered Extra Large Handmade Wall Clock that has bespoke design and distinctive character?

The “Old Clipper” is not just a Unique Statement Piece but also extraordinary and fresh idea for home decoration. You can read about it and post your comments in this article about large designer clocks.

The mechanism is the most powerful Quartz sweep movement powered up by a single C Cell battery. The clock is delivered with both hands detached to prevent any damage in transit. Full instructions to securely attach the clock hands are provided. You can also watch the short video where I demonstrate setting the time.

All our Stylish Wall Clocks are made by hand and individually hand painted which makes them most suitable as focus of attention in your home, office or luxurious hotel. No matter where you mount them, each of those timepieces is going to impress everyone coming across them.

Don’t follow the old habits, challenge existing design trends and make the extra large designer wall clocks from Peak Art the new fashion. Peak Art is leading this niche market and you can be assured of the best product quality and amazing customer service when you purchase from us.

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 4 cm


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