The Most Beautiful Extra Large Wall Clocks in the World are handmade and hand painted in the heart of the Peak District.

All Peak Art Oversized Wall Clocks are uniquely hand carved and will remind you of extra large wall clocks when you are decorating your house. The Peak Art 100 cm or larger 120 cm wall clocks are wonderful and amazing pieces of art with the traditional accents. The clocks have distinct, hand painted finish and traditional round shape. You can mount those clocks in any room at your home. The handmade clock from Peak Art can also be placed in big halls or entryways because of their size and functionality. Another perfect place for Peak Art handmade clocks is your Office or Hotel reception. These wonderful artistic clocks will never fail to impress anyone coming across them.

Don’t follow the crowd, challenge accepted thinking and make the massive handmade wall clocks from Peak Art the new fashion.