Contemporary & Rustic Skeleton Handmade Clocks


Please choose any skeleton clock design and size. If you want to see more detailed product description for each product variation please get back to our Online Shop Section and go to either 30″ (75 cm), 40″ (100 cm) or 48″ (120 cm). You can also use search facility in the top header to find a specific product design name. Most of the designs are only in one of the sections unless we got an order for a larger or smaller version.

All of the clocks here are marked as “In Stock” to enable custom order but in reality most of them need to be made with the waiting time specified for “back orders” in our Terms and Conditions.

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Custom Skeleton Wall Clock – Select Size & Design

We have created this section to let you chose Custom Skeleton Wall Clock Design that best suits your environment. If you want to see full description, more images or videos of each design please go to our Main Online Shop Page and find the clock design that you like. You can also use “Search” facility in the top header to find a specific clock by its name. Check this short video below demonstrating the difference between two available sizes.

The Handmade Skeleton Wall Clocks have been first introduced to our online shop in Autumn 2015. Please visit our blog section if you want to find out more about the history of those fabulous skeleton timepieces and how they compare with factory made metal alternatives. We have received so much positive feedback from our Facebook Community that we have decided to make every design available in both 40″ (100 cm) and 48″ (120 cm).

Recently we were asked by many customers to make 30″ version of those clocks and the first models are now also available. Please bear in mind that the shapes of some numerals are slightly different. Please check the photos in 30″ Clock Section.

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30" (75cm), 40" (100cm), 48" (120cm)


Grey Shabby Chic, White Shabby Chic, Summer Storm, Old Shaman, Marijuana, Light Rustic, Light Vintage, Light Tudor, Light Heban, Light Bright, Rustic Grey, White Rustic


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