The clocks from Peak Art aren’t mass produced and sold in large quantities. Each and every piece is unique and hand finished. We don’t have regular sales because in most cases the clocks have to be made to order. We have very limited stock mainly consisting of the latest designs or some of the more popular clocks. As a small family business we concentrate on individual client requirements rather than trying to build up large stock. Our customers from around the World appreciate that we don’t just offer catalog items but work with them to make sure they receive the clock that meets their requirements.

At the moment in addition to FREE delivery in Europe we offer discounts presented to you at checkout depending on the basket content:

  • 10% with no minimum spend
  • 12% for purchase above £750
  • 15% for purchase above £1000
  • 30% for purchase above £2000

Those offers are subject to change at any point.

Wall Clock for Lounge from Wood

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