Large Decorative Clocks

I am very proud when I get great feedback praising the Large Decorative Wall Clocks I design and make but at the same time there is a number of people worried that the clock will overwhelm the room. The reason why some of you are sceptical about it is because the fashion is a bit behind and still promotes large paintings and mirrors to fill that big empty space on your wall.

I started my own business as an artist 2 years ago with a very ambitious goal in mind – “I wanted to replace the large mirror in every living room in UK with a large artistic clock”… Obviously, I can never replace it literally everywhere but “think big” is the way forward and follow your dreams.

I am not an interior designer but just a normal girl that came to UK from Poland 12 years ago and was trained to be a civil engineer. My passion is to influence trends in interior design across the country and abroad by making something that is truly unique and special.

…….And to answer the question at the top – That clock isn’t overwhelming this child’s bedroom, is it….. ?

Artistic Clocks Gallery

Peak Art – Twilight Shadows

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