Skeleton Wooden Clocks

Are you interested how I decided to start making so popular Large Skeleton Wooden Wall Clocks? It was in late 2015 when one of our customers asked me if I could make a Roman Numeral Clock where you can see the wall between the numbers.

At that point I did not realise that the Roman Numeral Skeleton Wall Clock is so popular out there on the Internet. I tried quick Google search and there they were, hundreds of them – Iron, Factory Made Clocks that not only looked cheap but worse, they all looked the same. No character or style just a metal frame and you could see the wall through. Those clocks aren’t cheap either for what they are – mass production from the factory in China.

I felt like this was a massive market that can be influenced by unique beauty and eccentric character. I had already designed the Roman Numeral Clock cut out of single piece of wood with a back attached where you can hide the clock mechanism.

I wasn’t initially sure the best approach for the Skeleton Clock because you still need to attach the mechanism somewhere at the back so it can’t just be a single panel of wood flat on the wall. The other consideration is – “how can you hang it without seeing the string”. That was never a problem with the classic clocks where you simply have the second panel of wood covering the mechanism and the string so it is invisible from the front.

I also thought it would be good to make it look three dimensional. In the end I came up with the design like below.


Very Large Rustic Skeleton Clock 100cm. Handmade & Hand Painted in UK

Peak Art – Light Rustic


As you can see there is no visible strings, it does look 3D and you can see the wall through it. The secret here is the size and positioning of the back outer rim.

There are a lot of Metal Skeleton Clocks on the Market that are a lot cheaper and factory made mass production but I am sure that people looking for something really unique will come to Peak Art. This new concept of Skeleton Clock became very popular so I started coming up with more eccentric and contemporary designs.

The White Shabby Chic Skeleton Clock below is a great example of a design to not only provides a strong “wow” effect but looks also 100 years old which would amaze your guests even more.


The White Shabby Chic Skeleton Wall Clock. Handmade and Hand Painted. Wood 100 cm

Peak Art – White Shabby Chic


The next example is Contemporary Roman Numeral Timepiece that I called “Summer Storm”. Just imagine someone walking into the piece of art like this.


Extra Large Impressive Statement Contemporary Clock. Handmade & Hand Painted 100 cm

Peak Art – Summer Storm


There is plenty more designs in the Online Shop section so I encourage you to have a look.


Contemporary Extra Large Wall Clock Handmade.

Peak Art – Old Shaman

On special request I have also started making huge 120 cm in diameter Skeleton Wall Clocks so if you have really massive wall space you may be interested in one of them?

If you can’t find the design that suits you, as always let me know and I am sure I can help.



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