Large Designer Clocks

One of the Large Designer Clocks I would like to introduce here is the “Old Clipper”. You may be wondering what makes me call it a Designer Clock? I would simply answer that I am an Artist and Designer at the same time 🙂 The “Old Clipper” is a custom and unique clock that you would not find anywhere else in the World. Trust me, it is the one and only design of this type and doesn’t resemble any other piece available on the market.

Why did I decide to make something completely different than Oversized Roman Numeral Clocks? I suppose the answer is simple, as an artist I have to continue to explore and experiment or I will get depressed and bored. I am constantly looking for the new challenges and inspirations in everything that surrounds me and I believe the real beauty is in imperfection. This is how the “Old Clipper” was born…

Impressive Large Wall Clocks

Peak Art – Old Clipper

I got so much positive feedback for it that I was completely overwhelmed. One of the customers asked If I could use the same design but on 120 cm clock instead of standard 100 cm. None of the clocks will ever be the same due to the handmade nature of each but I did my best and made the first member of Extra Large Clock Range – “Old Clipper XL”.

I was really surprised how much bigger 120 cm clock was. With 18 kg It was so heavy I was struggling to hang it on the wall without help. Unlike some cheap and fragile so called statement clocks the “Old Clipper XL” will provide a strong and lasting impression on all your friends.


Huge Wall Clocks

Peak Art – Old Clipper XL

Do you need to fill that big empty space on your wall? Are you looking for something different than the traditional Roman Numeral Clock? There is a selection of Large Artistic & Designer Clocks in the shop section. All of those clocks are handmade and hand painted and every single one of them has distinct one of its kind character.


Please let me know what you think.


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